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HUT AODV for IPv6 is an implementation of the Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) Routing Protocol[1] with IPv6 modifications[2], written by Antti J. Tuominen as part of his Master's Thesis.

This implementation supports all features of the specifications except for Data Flooding hop-by-hop options (which will probably be added later). A later release will also include Globalv6[3] support. HUT AODV for IPv6 was tested at the 1st MANET InterOp at UCSB. Report by Elizabeth Belding-Royer is available here.


HUT AODV for IPv6 0.20 will soon be available. It features full RFC 3561 compatibility, as well as Globalv6 support.

Currently in the works is support for SAODV[4]. I'm also looking into supporting AODV QoS extensions and Multicast AODV.


HUT AODV for IPv6 is available under the new BSD license. You can freely download the source code below. If you have problems with the software, find bugs, or want new features, mail me and I try to help if my time allows.


There is also an implementation report and manual available for download in PostScript format. This is from the old 0.1 release. New one will be available as soon as possible.

If you're playing around with AODV6 and use Ethereal packet analyzer, you may find this patch invaluable. It adds AODV6 dissection support to Ethereal. Patch was made against Ethereal 0.9.4. AODV6 support is included starting from Ethereal 0.9.5 release.

Download ethereal-aodv6.patch


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